World Traveler 5PC Set


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World Traveler 5PC Set

The World Traveler 5PC Set includes:

  • Inflatable Pillow - soft touch fleece cover is removable and washable
  • Passport Wallet - holds a standard passport
  • Set of 2 Identifiable and Adjustable Luggage Straps - small strap = 48", large strap = 72"
  • Large-Size (7.5"L x 6"H) Nylon Zippered Pouch w/Divider - great for cosmetics, toiletry, chargers and cords
  • Small-Size (5"L x 4"H) Nylon Zippered Pouch w/Divider - great for small essentials like cards, money and ID
*Each item can be purchased individually in-store

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