JetZone - Jet Lag Prevention

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JetZone homeopathic jet lag remedy was developed to help prevent jet lag in-flight safely without side effects. JetZone, the military and professional athletes companion, was developed for those traveling by jet across time zones for business & pleasure, frequent flyers, flight attendants & pilots.
  • Jet Lag Prevention, Chewable Tablets
  • Homeopathic travel medicine. Travel well. Safe & effective. 100% natural. 48 hours of flying time.

Jet lag symptoms include fatigue, broken sleep patterns, dehydration, lack of concentration, disorientation, discomfort in legs and feet, and more. 

It is the curse of modern travelers, resulting in the loss of working hours and enjoyment with family and friends, often for days after arrival.


For Adults and Children Over 6 Years: Chew one tablet, up to one hour prior to every takeoff. Chew one tablet approximately every 2 hours and one within 1 hour of each landing. No need to wake up if you are asleep; get your rest and continue with the tablets when you wake up.

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