Expandable Packing Cube, Medium


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Maximize your luggage interior with this space-saving medium expandable packing cube. It naturally fits the contours of suitcases but can be used with backpacks and other bags as well.

Additionally, if you’re wary about putting your clothes into the dresser drawers at hotels, you can simply put this packing cube in instead so your belongings don’t come into direct contact with them.

It will help you make the most of your available space and give you room to pick up souvenirs along the way, and whether you roll or fold your clothes, it will help prevent creases and wrinkles in your clothing.

Save yourself the frustration of trying to find the blouse you want to wear to the musical or the flashlight you need to see in the dark. Keep everything separate and organized with this expandable packing cube.

 Ultra-lightweight packing organization
 Durable silnylon fabric is water- and stain-resistant
• Extra 3in compartment provides expansion and compression
• Mesh panels for visibility and breathability
• Grab handle to carry belongings easily
• Helps to minimize wrinkles
• Great for t-shirts, shorts, socks, undergarments, and more
• 8.5in x 11in x 2in - 5in (expanded)

The medium and large sizes are also available as a 2-pack

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