Expandable Packing Cube, Large


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With new airline weight restrictions, it’s important to be able to pack lightly but still keep everything organized. This large expandable packing cube adds virtually no weight to your bag but allows you to do just that.

Available in bright colors for easy identification, it also offers the ability to keep your belongings separate from your family members’, so when you open your suitcase, you know exactly which one to pull out.

Constructed with water-resistant silnylon, it will help repel water if liquid comes into contact with it.

Not only can it hold travel gear and everyday essentials, but by packing everything tightly together, it will help decrease wrinkles and creases in your garments.

Spend your time enjoying the sights and sounds of the places you’re visiting; don’t waste time trying to locate and organize your belongings!

 Ultra-lightweight packing organization
 Durable silnylon fabric is water- and stain-resistant
• Extra 3in compartment provides expansion and compression
• Mesh panels for visibility and breathability
• Grab handle to carry belongings easily
• Helps to minimize wrinkles
• Great for t-shirts, light jackets, gym clothes, shorts, pants, shoes, and more
• 12in x 14.5in x 2in - 5in (expanded)

The medium and large are also available as a 2-pack

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