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N95 Particle Respirator Mask-BYD Care


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  • The BYD Care N95 Particle Respirator is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the user. This product has a filter efficiency of 95% or greater against solid and liquid aerosols free of oil. This product contains no components made from natural rubber latex.
  • Product Features:
  • - Manufactured by BYD Precision Manufacture Co., LTD
  • - NIOSH Approved No. 84A-9221
  • - Mask is a unique, bright turquoise color!
  • - The mask consists of 3 layers of high quality, nonwoven materials: the outer and inner layers are made of polypropylene, spunbond nonwoven fabric; the middle layer is made of polypropylene, melt-blown nonwoven fabric.
  • - Provide soft, skin-friendly, comfortable wearing experiences and protection for daily usage.
  • - This foldable design can cover the nose and mouth with close fit to the face, providing respiratory protection against non-oil particles and reduce user exposure to certain airborne particles.
  • - Elastic earloop straps that are soft and gentle to skin, eliminating the pressure behind the ears even when worn for a long time.
  • - Adjustable, built-in nose bridge to ensure a comfortable fitting experience.
  • - Soft and comfortable to wear, skin-friendly; Fit for both indoor and outdoor application all-year-round, for all 4 seasons.
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